Dating [beta] now closed. The backstory:

Once upon a time, I had a dream… A dream that online dating could be better; more about character revelaing experiences and less about match-making databases. A perfect blend of technology and reality.

So I created my own reality, and met someone amazing (read the AreYouMyWife story).


The AreYouMyWife story is how I ended up meeting the love of my life!

On the back of that journey, I felt I could pass the torch. I felt I could make online dating better.

This AreYouMyPartner blog was launched to setup dating events for single people and take a journey with them to create a better dating experience. It was a test… a test involving real people.

Over the span of a year, we organized 10 dating events based on like-minded adventures. It was a blast, and we learned a lot about what people wanted in their dating lives.

The AYMP project

AYMP was an event dating site. Over the span of a year we organised 10 dating events based on adventures people helped create in a "pay it forward" fashion.

Then after a year I stopped. I am one man, and I had to do everything, plus have a life and a full time job. I needed help.

I am looking for entrepreneurial spirits to join me and make this happen. I have the business plan, I have the backstory, I have the energy. I just need help.

AYMP vision

I have a whole business model mapped out for AYMP. I just need someone to partner with to bring it alive.

If you think YOU have what it takes to help me bring this alive, drop me a line on areyoumywife@gmail.com.

Allan Wills

AreYouMyPartner beta is now closed.